Canada Chooses Delaware

Quebec-based Anchor Plastics Ltd. moved its sole U.S. warehouse operation to the Twin Spans Business Park in New Castle, Delaware in 2016 in an effort to reduce the travel distance from the company's manufacturing facility in Montreal, while remaining close to some of its biggest customers. Anchor Plastics is a pioneer of manufacturing plastic containers in Canada, while specializing in highly customizable products for commercial customers throughout the United States.

With the lease of its Mid-Atlantic 20,500 square foot warehouse, Anchor Plastics has reduced delivery time and transportation costs for its industrial container customers in the U.S., adding direct and indirect jobs in the state.

Investing in Delaware

There are over 60 Canadian-owned companies operating in the State of Delaware and the numbers are growing year after year. These companies are responsible for over 6,800 jobs throughout the state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the average salary in the state of Delaware is $50,300. This means that Canadian-owned businesses are directly responsible for over $343 million in salary dollars!

Therefore, not only do Canadian companies pay their taxes locally, they also contribute to the local economy through these salary dollars. These companies employ Delawareans in every sector of the economy. Canadian companies are clearly major contributors to Delaware's economy!

Delaware–Canada trade

  • Delaware exports to Canada: $543 million
  • Delaware imports from Canada: $438 million
  • Bilateral trade: $0.9 billion
  • Delaware services exports to Canada: $218 million

Delaware–Canada tourism

  • Delaware visits by Canadians: 59,700
  • Delaware vacation spending by Canadians: $33 million

Delaware’s top goods exports to Canada

  • Fruits & nuts: $179 million
  • Medicine, in dosage: $124 million
  • Plastics & plastic articles: $42 million
  • Heating, cooling & refrigeration equipment: $14 million
  • Precious metals: $13 million

Delaware’s top goods imports from Canada

  • Crude petroleum: $80 million
  • Plastics & plastic articles: $62 million
  • Lead & lead articles: $14 million
  • Stone & cement products, abrasives: $13 million
  • Zinc & zinc articles: $12 million

Delaware exports to Canada by industry

  • Agriculture (38%)
  • Chemicals (28%)
  • Equipment & machinery (11%)
  • Plastics & rubbers (8%)
  • Minerals & metals (7%)
  • Transportation (2%)
  • Other (6%)

Delaware imports from Canada by industry

  • Minerals & metals (22%)
  • Energy (22%)
  • Plastics & rubbers (14%)
  • Equipment & machinery (9%)
  • Forest products (8%)
  • Chemicals (7%)
  • Other (19%)

Delaware Jobs

  • 26,600 Delaware jobs depend on trade and investment with Canada

Delaware top services exports to Canada

  • Financial services: $101 million
  • Insurance: $35 million
  • Business, professional & technical services: $19 million
  • Royalties: $9 million
  • Telecommunications: $2 million


  • 26,600 jobs in Delaware depend on Canada–U.S. trade and investment
  • Total Canada–Delaware goods trade: $0.9 billion

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February 2017
Unless otherwise mentioned, all figures are based on 2016 data in U.S. dollars. Statistics Canada: 2014 tourism, based on combined same-day and overnight travel (8/2016 release, US$1.00=C$1.1045). U.S. Census Bureau: goods trade, Canada’s export ranking (2/2017 release). U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis: goods and services trade (3/2016 release). Trade Partnership: 2015 services trade (1/2017 release). Job numbers are from a study commissioned by the Government of Canada (11/2014 release, 2013 data). Figures may not add up due to rounding. Produced by the Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C.