Electric Charging Corridor

In August 2016, Maine and Québec announced a partnership to install an electric vehicle charging corridor that will initially link Portland and Québec City. The corridor, the result of an agreement between Drive Electric Maine and the Hydro-Québec's Electric Circuit, will see more than 10 charging stations installed along the route, a number that is expected to increase as new partnership agreements are confirmed. The initiative is the result of discussions that took place at the annual Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers and is a strong example of both the close cross-border cooperation in the region as well as the tightly-integrated energy relationship.

Creating a “Transactive Energy” Framework

A platform is needed for integrating distributed energy resources (solar, renewables, energy storage) into electric distribution systems. Nova Scotia Power, Emera Maine and Toronto Hydro are partnering with Sustainable Development Technology Canada and Opus One Solutions to create and demonstrate a microgrid and transactive energy platform for real-time monitoring, analyzing and managing DERs.

In Maine, Emera will demonstrate a solar storage microgrid connecting solar generation, a Tesla battery system and a level-2 electric vehicle charging station. These projects will assist with renewable resource adoption and demonstrate how DERs can provide value to both customers and the electricity system.

Abilis: a Full-service IT Company

Abilis Solutions Corporation, a subsidiary of Montreal-headquartered Abilis Solutions Inc. is an IT professional services company, which develops and implements innovative solutions for its business clients. Located in Portland, ME, Abilis employs 35+ Mainers. The company is known for its offender management system, CORIS (corrections information system).

Maine–Canada trade

  • Maine exports to Canada: $1.4 billion
  • Maine imports from Canada: $1.7 billion
  • Bilateral trade: $3.1 billion
  • Maine services exports to Canada: $141 million

Maine–Canada tourism

  • Maine visits by Canadians: 1,124,000
  • Maine vacation spending by Canadians: $398 million

Maine’s top goods exports to Canada

  • Fish & crustaceans: $439 million
  • Wood & semi-finished wood products: $142 million
  • Paper & paperboard: $136 million
  • Crude petroleum: $88 million
  • Natural gas & other gases: $68 million

Maine’s top goods imports from Canada

  • Fish & crustaceans: $221 million
  • Electricity: $185 million
  • Wood pulp: $176 million
  • Softwood lumber: $110 million
  • Paper & paperboard: $99 million

Maine exports to Canada by industry

  • Agriculture (41%)
  • Forest products (25%)
  • Energy (12%)
  • Transportation (8%)
  • Equipment & machinery (6%)
  • Minerals & metals (4%)
  • Other (4%)

Maine imports from Canada by industry

  • Forest products (26%)
  • Agriculture (23%)
  • Energy (19%)
  • Chemicals (6%)
  • Equipment & machinery (6%)
  • Minerals & metals (6%)
  • Other (14%)

Maine Jobs

  • 38,500 Maine jobs depend on trade and investment with Canada

Maine top services exports to Canada

  • Business, professional & technical services: $26 million
  • Insurance: $9 million
  • Royalties: $8 million
  • Financial services: $4 million
  • Telecommunications: $267,000


  • 38,500 jobs in Maine depend on Canada–U.S. trade and investment
  • Canada is Maine’s #1 customer
  • Total Canada–Maine goods trade: $3.1 billion

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February 2017
Unless otherwise mentioned, all figures are based on 2016 data in U.S. dollars. Statistics Canada: 2014 tourism, based on combined same-day and overnight travel (8/2016 release, US$1.00=C$1.1045). U.S. Census Bureau: goods trade, Canada’s export ranking (2/2017 release). U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis: goods and services trade (3/2016 release). Trade Partnership: 2015 services trade (1/2017 release). Job numbers are from a study commissioned by the Government of Canada (11/2014 release, 2013 data). Figures may not add up due to rounding. Produced by the Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C.