Mack Defense Awarded a Canadian Military Contract

Making use of a robust Canada–U.S. supply chain, Mack Defense, LLC of Allentown is supplying Canadian Forces with standard military pattern trucks— a class of military trucks— and related equipment. The contracts, worth more than $500 million, include the purchase of 1,500 trucks, 300 trailers, 150 armor protection systems, and the provision of an initial 5-year period of in-service support, with the option to extend the service for 15 years. The first delivery of the trucks and equipment is planned for the summer of 2017, with final shipment anticipated in fall 2018.

Boeing Relies on Canadian Supplier When Producing the Iconic CH-47 Chinook

In Ridley Township, Boeing continues a long tradition of producing the Chinook helicopter. This unique and respected aircraft serves the armed forces of 19 countries— transporting troops, artillery, equipment, and fuel. The Chinook helicopter also serves in humanitarian disaster relief— delivering life saving supplies and assisting in mass evacuations. Within Boeing’s supply chain, there is a heavy reliance on Fleet Canada of Fort Erie for the production of some of the Chinook’s critical components, namely those of the front cockpit nose enclosure. Boeing produces approximately 60 Chinooks every year, resulting in sales of more than $2 billion. Given the longevity of this helicopter and its worldwide demand, its Can-Am supply chain illustrates the benefits of a binational defense production relationship.

Pennsylvania–Canada trade

  • Pennsylvania exports to Canada: $11.6 billion
  • Pennsylvania imports from Canada: $10.7 billion
  • Bilateral trade: $22.3 billion
  • Pennsylvania services exports to Canada: $1.9 billion

Pennsylvania–Canada tourism

  • Pennsylvania visits by Canadians: 1,396,500
  • Pennsylvania vacation spending by Canadians: $252 million

Pennsylvania’s top goods exports to Canada

  • Plastics & plastic articles: $681 million
  • Telephones & AV recording equipment: $535 million
  • Computers: $489 million
  • Iron & steel alloys & semi-finished products: $439 million
  • Organic chemicals: $432 million

Pennsylvania’s top goods imports from Canada

  • Crude petroleum: $1.7 billion
  • Paper & paperboard: $636 million
  • Plastics & plastic articles: $560 million
  • Aluminum & aluminum articles: $486 million
  • Iron & steel alloys & semi-finished products: $370 million

Pennsylvania exports to Canada by industry

  • Equipment & machinery (30%)
  • Minerals & metals (15%)
  • Chemicals (11%)
  • Agriculture (11%)
  • Transportation (9%)
  • Plastics & rubbers (8%)
  • Other (16%)

Pennsylvania imports from Canada by industry

  • Energy (18%)
  • Minerals & metals (18%)
  • Agriculture (16%)
  • Forest products (11%)
  • Chemicals (9%)
  • Equipment & machinery (8%)
  • Other (20%)

Pennsylvania Jobs

  • 346,600 Pennsylvania jobs depend on trade and investment with Canada

Pennsylvania top services exports to Canada

  • Travel: $703 million
  • Business, professional & technical services: $342 million
  • Insurance services: $173 million
  • Transportation services: $171 million
  • Financial services: $146 million


  • 346,600 jobs in Pennsylvania depend on Canada–U.S. trade and investment
  • Canada is Pennsylvania’s #1 customer
  • Total Canada–Pennsylvania goods trade: $22.3 billion

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September 2016
Unless otherwise mentioned, all figures are based on 2015 data in U.S. dollars. Statistics Canada: 2014 tourism, based on combined same-day and overnight travel (8/2016 release, US$1.00=C$1.1045). U.S. Census Bureau: goods trade, Canada’s export ranking (2/2016 release). U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis: goods and services trade (3/2016 release). Trade Partnership: 2014 services trade (11/2015 release). Job numbers are from a study commissioned by the Government of Canada (11/2014 release, 2013 data). Figures may not add up due to rounding. Produced by the Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C.