Eagle Bend Grows its Tennessee Operations Again

Magna International's Eagle Bend Manufacturing, based in Clinton, produces major body structures and assemblies for the automotive industry. The company is also a Tier 1 automotive parts supplier for car and light truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Eagle Bend established its Clinton operations in 1987.

In 2016, the company announced plans to expand operations to meet customer needs. Through its latest project, Eagle Bend will invest nearly $55 million towards its expansion efforts. The company's expanded operations are also expected to add nearly 130 jobs.

This is Eagle Bend's second expansion in recent years. In 2012, the company's $64 million expansion project added more than 300 jobs.

Multimatic Finds its Place in Tennessee’s Automotive Industry

Canada's Multimatic is a global corporation that supplies engineered components, systems and services to the automotive industry. Multimatic also delivers niche vehicle designs, development and production for race car applications.

In 2015, responding to the need to support some major customers, Multimatic Tennessee LLC announced plans to locate its new automotive manufacturing operation in Marshall County.

The company invested more than $20 million in the new facility in building upgrades and robotic welding infrastructure. The new site employs nearly 200 local workers.

Tennessee–Canada trade

  • Tennessee exports to Canada: $8.7 billion
  • Tennessee imports from Canada: $5.1 billion
  • Bilateral trade: $13.8 billion
  • Tennessee services exports to Canada: $844 million

Tennessee–Canada tourism

  • Tennessee visits by Canadians: 464,500
  • Tennessee vacation spending by Canadians: $98 million

Tennessee’s top goods exports to Canada

  • Automobiles: $1.4 billion
  • Computers: $1.0 billion
  • Engines & turbines: $786 million
  • Motor vehicle parts: $764 million
  • Optical, medical & precision instruments: $330 million

Tennessee’s top goods imports from Canada

  • Medicine, in dosage: $1.1 billion
  • Plastics & plastic articles: $339 million
  • Aluminum & aluminum articles: $278 million
  • Optical, medical & precision instruments: $231 million
  • Softwood lumber: $191 million

Tennessee exports to Canada by industry

  • Equipment & machinery (48%)
  • Transportation (28%)
  • Minerals & metals (5%)
  • Plastics & rubbers (5%)
  • Chemicals (4%)
  • Agriculture (3%)
  • Other (8%)

Tennessee imports from Canada by industry

  • Chemicals (27%)
  • Equipment & machinery (18%)
  • Minerals & metals (11%)
  • Forest products (11%)
  • Plastics & rubbers (9%)
  • Agriculture (8%)
  • Other (16%)

Tennessee Jobs

  • 170,300 Tennessee jobs depend on trade and investment with Canada

Tennessee top services exports to Canada

  • Business, professional & technical services: $129 million
  • Royalties: $94 million
  • Insurance: $32 million
  • Financial services: $32 million
  • Telecommunications: $4 million


  • 170,300 jobs in Tennessee depend on Canada–U.S. trade and investment
  • Canada is Tennessee’s #1 customer
  • Total Canada–Tennessee goods trade: $13.8 billion

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February 2017
Unless otherwise mentioned, all figures are based on 2016 data in U.S. dollars. Statistics Canada: 2014 tourism, based on combined same-day and overnight travel (8/2016 release, US$1.00=C$1.1045). U.S. Census Bureau: goods trade, Canada’s export ranking (2/2017 release). U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis: goods and services trade (3/2016 release). Trade Partnership: 2015 services trade (1/2017 release). Job numbers are from a study commissioned by the Government of Canada (11/2014 release, 2013 data). Figures may not add up due to rounding. Produced by the Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C.