Protecting U.S. soldiers

Canada-based Revision Military designs, develops and manufactures high-performance, military-grade protective equipment—  eyewear, helmets and power packs. The company's operations and manufacturing hub in Essex Junction features a Clean Room with molding and coating machines capable of producing millions of technically advanced lenses annually.

In 2012, Revision Military opened a second Vermont facility when a manufacturer of Kevlar military helmets decided to close. Revision acquired its inventory, machinery and equipment and saved the plant's 48 jobs.

Global Manufacturing Hub

Ontario-based Husky Injection Molding Systems is the world's largest brand name supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry, with locations across the world that serve customers in more than 100 countries. The Canadian company, one of Vermont's larger employers has approximately 350 employees at its Milton operation facility. Husky manufactures systems that produce a wide range of plastic products, such as beverage bottles and caps, food containers, medical components and a variety of other plastic parts.

Husky's 700-acre campus in Milton opened in 1998 and has become one of the company's major global manufacturing hubs and a knowledge center for hot runners and hot runner temperature controllers.

Québec Firm Bolsters Vermont

Canada-based bicycle apparel company Louis Garneau invested $8 million to expand its operations in Derby. The company, which opened its U.S. headquarters in Newport, VT in 1989, employs over 90 people in Vermont. This development is particularly welcome news in the Northeast Kingdom.

Vermont–Canada trade

  • Vermont exports to Canada: $1.2 billion
  • Vermont imports from Canada: $2.6 billion
  • Bilateral trade: $3.8 billion
  • Vermont services exports to Canada: $84 million

Vermont–Canada tourism

  • Vermont visits by Canadians: 1,119,700
  • Vermont vacation spending by Canadians: $170 million

Vermont’s top goods exports to Canada

  • Paper & paperboard: $54 million
  • Cocoa & chocolate: $36 million
  • Aircraft: $36 million
  • Pasta, breads & cereal preparations: $29 million
  • Wood & semi-finished wood products: $22 million

Vermont’s top goods imports from Canada

  • Electricity: $505 million
  • Cocoa & chocolate: $292 million
  • Fuel oil: $206 million
  • Natural gas & other gases: $94 million
  • Softwood lumber: $60 million

Vermont exports to Canada by industry

  • Equipment & machinery (67%)
  • Agriculture (11%)
  • Forest products (8%)
  • Transportation (4%)
  • Minerals & metals (3%)
  • Plastics & rubbers (2%)
  • Other (5%)

Vermont imports from Canada by industry

  • Energy (31%)
  • Equipment & machinery (29%)
  • Agriculture (21%)
  • Forest products (5%)
  • Minerals & metals (2%)
  • Apparel & textiles (2%)
  • Other (9%)

Vermont Jobs

  • 18,900 Vermont jobs depend on trade and investment with Canada

Vermont top services exports to Canada

  • Business, professional & technical services: $486 million
  • Royalties: $104 million
  • Financial services: $94 million
  • Telecommunications: $22 million
  • Insurance: $11 million


  • 18,900 jobs in Vermont depend on Canada–U.S. trade and investment
  • Canada is Vermont’s #1 customer
  • Total Canada–Vermont goods trade: $3.8 billion

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February 2017
Unless otherwise mentioned, all figures are based on 2016 data in U.S. dollars. Statistics Canada: 2014 tourism, based on combined same-day and overnight travel (8/2016 release, US$1.00=C$1.1045). U.S. Census Bureau: goods trade, Canada’s export ranking (2/2017 release). U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis: goods and services trade (3/2016 release). Trade Partnership: 2015 services trade (1/2017 release). Job numbers are from a study commissioned by the Government of Canada (11/2014 release, 2013 data). Figures may not add up due to rounding. Produced by the Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C.