Message from the Consul General

Canada and the United States share a deep partnership characterized by the world's largest trade relationship, a shared stewardship of a rich and diverse natural environment and longstanding cooperation in defense.  The Canadian consulate in San Francisco is here to help support this bilateral partnership in Northern California and Hawaii through four main areas of activity: business development and investment promotion, consular assistance, policy and advocacy, and security interests.

Northern California, which includes the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and Sacramento, is a global hub of business, research and innovation supported by a network of world class universities, influential think tanks, federal research facilities and philanthropic organisations. The Bay Area hosts the headquarters of leading social media and thought leaders pursuing Internet policy issues such as privacy, human rights and open innovation.

California is also a centre of U.S. political influence with the largest Congressional delegation (55 representatives) in Washington, D.C. and many business and political leaders serving at the highest levels of the federal government. California has a long history of progressive and innovative governance, particularly on energy and environmental issues, which inform policy-making at the national level.

Our Consulate’s team of Trade Commissioners is part of Canada's most extensive network of international business professionals around the world. Our commissioners in San Francisco and Palo Alto strive to help Canadian organisations successfully establish a presence in the Bay Area, tackle market access issues, pursue joint ventures or strategic alliances, participate in global value chains, and seek technology and R&D partnerships. They provide on-the-ground intelligence and practical advice on the market, and help make connections to relevant business and public sector contacts.

With millions of Canadian visiting Northern California, Northern Nevada, and Hawaii each year, our Consular section’s mandate is to assist Canadians in distress throughout these regions. Consular leads our mission’s emergency preparedness and response efforts, disseminating key information before and during a crisis and assisting Canadians affected by emergencies in our territory. Canadians who need assistance can reach us at or (415) 834-3180. After hours assistance is available 24/7 through the Operations Center in Ottawa at (888) 949-9993.

Our Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Services (FPDS) team advances Canadian foreign policy interests in Northern California and Hawaii, particularly related to free and fair trade, border security, and environmental policy. FPDS tells Canada’s story through public diplomacy, develops strategic relationships across sectors and shares our experiences and perspectives on key bilateral issues. You can join in the conversation on Twitter @CANCGSF and @CGCANSF or connect with me personally @CGBrandonLee.

All of our Consulate’s work is collaborative and embodies the interdependent, mutually-beneficial nature of the Canada-U.S. relationship. No two allies have a closer or more prosperous partnership and we strive each day to strengthen it.

Consul General
Brandon Lee

Biography - Consul General  

Brandon Lee

Mr. Brandon Lee was appointed as Consul General of Canada in 2015 with accreditation for northern California and Hawaii.

Brandon Lee joined the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFATD) in 2004. He has a background leading management and innovation, and he has held several executive and management positions within the department. From 2007 to 2011, he oversaw reform activities to strengthen Canada’s international presence and became DFATD’s first Director of Innovation. From 2012 to 2014, Mr. Lee held senior positions at the World Trade Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross (both in Geneva), spearheading major organizational and international reform initiatives.

Previously, Mr. Lee worked in the private sector as a pioneer in online banking in North America and with large-scale telecommunications and IT management consulting firms.