Visitor Visa

You do not need a visa to visit or transit in Canada if you are an American citizen or a permanent resident with an alien registration card (Green card), unless you are inadmissible.

There are a number of reasons you can be found inadmissible. Make sure you are admissible.

If you hold a passport from any other country, find out if you need:

Carry Proper Identification

  • For U.S. citizens, acceptable documents to prove this status include the US passport, a birth certificate or naturalization certificate. However, U.S. citizens will be required to show a valid U.S. passports to re-enter the United States.
  • For U.S. permanent residents, acceptable documents to prove this status include a valid green card, and a valid I-551 endorsement in their passport. It is also advisable to bring a valid picture ID, such as a driver's license.
  • Cruise passengers: if you go on a cruise that will pass through Canadian territory, you must apply for a Visitor Visa (not a transit visa) if you require a visitor visa to enter Canada. This is regardless of whether or not you intend to go ashore.

Apply for Visitor Visa